Anal Glide Extra Anal Lubricant & Desensitizer - 2 oz Pump Bottle - AGE20

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Body Action Sex Stimulus & Arousal Aids
Enhance and play with Anal Glide Extra! This plastic bottle with pump spray holds 2 oz of Silicone lubricant with desensitizer. Moisturize with just a few drops. Don't worry - this silky smooth and long lasting lube is latex friendly. Just apply a small amount to desired area 5 minutes before activity then reapply as needed. Cleans up quickly after use with a wet cloth and soap. Glide into sensual satisfaction!

  • Brand: Body Action Sex Stimulus & Arousal Aids
  • Item #: 7237-02
  • Est. Del. :5 to 7 days

Price : $ 11.46

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